How to use

The Drivers of Change cards and interactive app are excellent resources for workshops, design charrettes and engagement activities. Drivers of Change can be help facilitate conversations about the future of technology, design and sustainability to inform business strategy, brainstorming and education programmes.

1. Explore

What is our challenge? Identify a clear question or challenge to be answered. Use the cards to explore the major trends and trends shaping our future, either by set or by STEEP (Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political)

2. Understand

How will these drivers impact our defined challenge ? Discuss the impact of each Drivers of Change card on the specific context of the problem – are they challenges or opportunities, disruptors or accelerators

3. Prioritise

Which are the most important? Select the top 25 cards that are most impactful or significant for the identified challenge

4. Refine

Which are the top five cards driving change?

5. Implement

How can we prepare for these drivers or mitigate their impacts